Our first step is to meet up, either on the phone or over coffee!  This is where we will plan your session together. We will chat about your interests, hobbies & activities, wardrobe, locations, posing. props, and anything else that you would like to include in your session! We will also pick a date and get you on the calendar!

Create Your Vision

Are you ready to have an adventure while I capture your spirit? I truly believe that it's important for you to be who you are during your session.  I love capturing your style and essence that makes you unique! Your session is all about celebrating you!

My mission for your senior session is to make it as easy as 1, 2, 3!


THe LHP      


Capture Your Moment


 This is where the fun begins!  Your session includes a personalized senior experience for up to 2 hours, showcasing your interests and personality. And for my guy seniors, don’t worry, if you are only interested in 30 minutes, I’ve got you covered! Each session is designed specifically to YOUR wishes. I’m a total pro at getting exactly what you need in a short amount of time! Your session will also include up to 5 outfit changes, to give you a variety of looks for your portraits!


Invest in Your Memories

Your beautiful images will available within 2 weeks.  I will help you chose your images at an in-person OR online image reveal and will help you place your product order!  
 Each of my Collections include both digital images AND beautiful luxe product offerings! And because each budget is different and each senior has their own idea of products needed, you will be able to order your products A la Carte OR bundled in 3 different collections, specifically designed to save BIG on your investment! 


You may chose to order your luxury boutique products a la carte, or you may select from 3 different Collections, which include our most popular fine-art products bundled together at a deep discount.

Product offerings include Gift Prints, Canvas Wrap Wall Portraits, Signature Series Albums and Books, Announcements and Digital files. 

All collections include low-resolution digital files for sharing to social media.
High-resolution digital images for printing are included in the Heritage and Legacy collections.  
Yearbook formal portrait sessions are available for certain area schools.  Contact Leah for school-specific pricing for these sessions.     

Your senior year marks the last year of your childhood. This milestone deserves more than ending up on a flash drive in the junk drawer or buried in your phone’s photo app.  
As a full-service studio, I will walk you through the entire process, from the initial consultation, until you have a gorgeous heirloom quality album in your hands and breathtaking art to hang on your walls. You'll get to select the images and products that reflect you and your home's style to properly represent this important milestone.
I partner with the highest quality print labs to bring you stunningly crafted heirloom photo products.


  Session fees are $200
(Due at booking)
Minimum Product Investment $500
Average Investment $1,600


10x10 Leather Cover Album

6X6 Companion Book

Gift Prints

Canvas Gallery Wrap

High-Res Digital Images

Low-Res Digital Images

40% off additional A la Carte and Duplicate products

The Legacy

6x6 Linen Cover Book

Gift Prints

High-Res Digital Images

20% off additional A la Carte and Duplicate products

the keepsake

10x10 Linen Cover Book

Gift Prints

Canvas Gallery Wrap

High-Res Digital Images

Low-Res Digital Images

30% off additional A la Carte and Duplicate products

The heirloom

Most Popular Collection-
Bundled to save 40%!

Greatest Savings Collection-Bundled to save 50%!

Bundled to save 30%!

Senior Portrait FAQs


When should I schedule my senior session?

Typically, I see the majority of my seniors in the late summer and fall, especially if you are under a yearbook deadline.  However, if you are not under a deadline, you may chose to schedule anytime your senior year, right up through graduation!  Please keep in mind that my fall schedule does fill quickly, so I would recommend booking sooner than later.  

Will you help me with poses?

YES!  Believe it or not, most of my seniors are NOT comfortable in front of the camera.  But you would never know by their images. Don't worry, I will guide you through it all, show you how to pose for each shot and help you with the most frequently asked question..."what do I do with my hands??"  

What should I wear? 

When it comes to attire, I like to follow the 3 T’s…Timeless, True and Trendy.  
* TIMELESS:  Chose the majority of your outfits knowing that you can look back years from now and be proud of how you presented yourself.  This could be a stylish dress or romper for the girls, a button up shirt and jacket for the guys, or a casual pair of jeans and simple top.  Try to avoid too many fads in your wardrobe selection.  
* TRUE: Whatever you chose to wear, be true to you! Know your style and take it up a notch!  Don’t be afraid to showcase WHO you are. Feel free to include an outfit that is unique to your style, hobbies, or personality. This can include school uniforms, sports uniforms, and or an item that represents where you're headed next. Also, you will be sitting, standing, squatting and kneeling in our session, so chose outfits that you can move in.  Remember, if you aren’t comfortable in what you are wearing, you won’t look comfortable in your photos.  
* TRENDY: While I usually say to shy away from fads that will change quickly, it's perfectly acceptable to incorporate a trend into a few of the photos.  Don’t be afraid to bring a cute hat, a crazy pair of shoes, or a fun pair of sunglasses. If it suits your style, let’s include it! 

Can I bring my own props for my session?

Yes, bring anything you’d like! Items from a sport you play, instruments, uniforms, pets, or your car are all welcome to make your pictures an individualized portrait of what is important to you. You can even bring your BFF and we’ll snap a few photos of you together!  Just let me know ahead of time so I can be prepared on the best way to use your props! 

Where do you shoot? 

If you have a specific location you would love to have your senior session done,  I’m totally open to shooting wherever you would like! I generally like to scout out new locations to check out lighting situations and backdrops so I’m ready on the day of the session.  If you don't have any ideas and need inspiration, I'm happy to send galleries of popular locations in the area. 

Should I get professional hair & makeup?

I highly recommend it!  It is not a must, by any means, but the impact that really well-done hair and makeup has on your senior portraits is quite amazing! I have a few hair and makeup artists that I recommend who will do your makeup in a very natural and fresh-faced style that enhances your natural beauty. 

What happens after the session? 

Your images will be available for viewing 10 days-2 weeks after your session.  Once you view your images, I will help you determine which products or collections you would like to purchase.  All products will arrive within 4 weeks after ordering.   

Will your retouch my photos? 

As part of our service, we do include complimentary photo retouching on your finished portraits. My rule is that if it is temporary (acne, bruises, flyaways, etc.), I will retouch.  If you have an area you would like me to edit more (tan lines, scars, birthmarks), please let me know and I can edit those as well.  Depending on the editing required and the amount of photos requested, there may be an additional editing fee for extra editing.  

Are your prints and products high-quality? 

Yes!  I only work with reputable printing and framing companies who cater only to professional photographers.  I trust their products and all are 100% guaranteed for quality!  It is so important that your products are printed with a company that will render your colors and tones correctly.  

What happens if it rains the day of my session? 

We are fortunate to live in a state where the sun shines almost every day.  Unfortunately, in the peak of senior season, it also seems to rain every day! I keep a very close eye on the weather and will keep in touch with you if we need to reschedule due to rain. Don’t worry about clouds because they actually even out the light and make for ideal shooting conditions.

Will my images be posted on social media?

I love showing off my clients and, more than likely, will post a few of your photos on my social media.  If you prefer to not have them posted, please let me know. 
If you are on social media, please feel free to share your photos to your social media and PLEASE tag me!  

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